Many people were outraged by last week’s Rolling Stone cover featuring a selfie of alleged Boston bomber Dzhohkar Tsarnaev. Many others shrugged their shoulders and asked, “What’s the big deal?”   Count me among the outraged. Here is the big deal: A quick internet search of RS covers shows from the last few years shows they give […]

With eleven days until Election Day, Montanans are not being courted by Mssrs. Obama and Romney–they have both chalked up Montana as a red state. But there is a fierce battle between incumbent John Tester-D and Rep. Denny Rehberg-R for one of Montana’s Senate seats. From their heated campaigns, these thoughts: 1. Printers must LOVE […]

Remember the “Far Side” comics by Gary Larson? These supremely funny strips appeared in newspapers from 1980-1995. Everyone has their favorite Far Side comic, and one of mine shows two wagon train cowboys under attack by Indians. One of them notices that the Indians are using flaming arrows, and he says to the other, “Hey, they’re setting their […]

♫ What’s the name of the game? Does it mean anything to you? ♫ -ABBA, “The Name of the Game” from “The Album,” 1977  ♫ What’s the name of your business? Does it mean anything to people? ♫ -Mike, “In The Shower,” 2011 Whenever we help a client name a business, it occurs to me […]

I just finished a very good book: “A Brilliant Solution–Inventing the American Constitution” by Carol Berkin. Not only is it a vivid account of how the United States Constitution came into being; it also gives a glimpse at how well PR was understood and used by some of the Founding Fathers. The short, short version: […]