Word of Life Fellowship is a new church here in Billings. A few months ago, they consulted with us for some advice on how best to spread the word about Word of Life. The results: Atendee goal for 1st service: 200 Attendees at 1st service: 580 GOAL EXCEEDED BY 190% This was a classic “marketing […]

My Super Bowl XLV Ad MVP trophy goes to Best Buy. This ad, featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber, is terrific on many levels: Ozzy’s amazing comic acting–the faked(?) cluelessness, the interactions with his wife Sharon, and the ever-present backdrop of his legendary rock-star antics; Ozzy’s long-running role as a parody of himself is brilliant. Justin’s comic acting–not […]

No cell phones while driving in Billings = more attention for billboards. But that doesn’t mean your billboard will automatically get attention. Here’s what you gotta do…

COHERENT: One word, three meanings, all applicable to good advertising. Beautiful!