It’s a beautiful thing when creativity, humor and salesmanship are so expertly blended.

Take a look:

1. The color palette. Everything in the spot is a dull or dark color except the product (the red, white and yellow pop-up bowl).
2. Criss Angel making fun of himself. I always like it when stars do this; it brings them up a notch in my book.
3. The boyfriend/husband is a dead ringer for English soccer star Wayne Rooney.

4. The flow of the script. Brilliant! It’s campy and ridiculous, but it’s very simple and it gets the point of the product across. It also fits seamlessly with how Criss Angel would actually present a magic trick.
5. The woman’s reactions to Criss’s tricks. Her first “How did you do that?” is good, but her second is the comic coup de grace that pushes the ad to its wonderfully climax of absurdity.

All this in a 30-second spot. BRAVO!