What is Gibson’s mission?

Our mission is to strengthen clients’ brands through coherent communications.

What does it mean to strengthen a brand?

It means presenting your message in a clear and consistent way, so that over time people come to know exactly what your company does, and why they (the consumer) should consider giving you their business.

What does “coherent communications” mean?

We strive to create advertising that is coherent both within and without. Coherency within means first of all that it makes sense and is easy to understand. Coherency within also means that your ad can stand on its own, and that it’s simple, direct and informative. Coherency without means your ad is consistent, both in message and appearance, with your other ads and marketing materials. “Coherent communications” means staying focused and reinforcing your message without too much dilution. This is easy to say, but hard to do—it’s one of the biggest ways we give value to our clients.

Gibson is a full-service agency. What does that mean?

Some agencies only produce creative work, and some just do media placement. Some only do online work. We do all these things and more. Almost anything you want for your marketing, we can do. For certain specialized projects, such as jingles or complex video animations, we work with vendors to deliver what you need. The advantage of a full-service agency is simplicity: you tell us what you want done (or we devise a plan together), and then we do the work—creative, production, dealing with media and vendors—to make it happen. The vendors and media bill us, and we bill you: you get one invoice with all your marketing costs on it.

Do you tend to favor certain media or vendors?

Hopefully not! We have solid working relationships with media and vendors in Yellowstone County and throughout Montana and northern Wyoming. For each client, we take a fresh look at what they need, and then use the most appropriate media and vendors to make it happen.

Are you creative?

Yes. However, our philosophy is that EFFECTIVENESS trumps creativity every time. Creativity is just one of many tools we use to make ads effective.

Can’t an ad be both effective and creative?

Yes, and when it happens that’s great. But effectiveness is most important.

I’ve heard the advertising term “break through the clutter.” Can Gibson help my company break through the clutter?

Many—perhaps all—ad agencies claim to be able to help you break through the “clutter” of the constant bombardment of advertising we all face. Gibson also makes this claim, with the following crucial caveat: MONEY is the main thing you need to break through the clutter. Money buys repetition in your chosen media, and repetition is what really breaks through the clutter.

What about creativity? Can’t a really creative ad break through the clutter?

To some degree, yes. A person might remember a really creative ad after only three exposures instead of seven. But nothing helps you break through the clutter like repetition, and repetition costs money.

What makes Gibson the best ad agency in Billings?

We don’t claim to be the best ad agency in Billings. “Best” means different things to different people. (Ask ten of your friends who the best rock band is.) We claim to be a positive good for all our clients—an agency that can reliably handle routine tasks and short-notice rush jobs while always using sound advertising principles. We strive to do solid, above-average work on everything we do.

What are the “sound advertising principles” you mention above?

That’s like asking a heart surgeon what “sound medical principles” she uses when performing a bypass. There are too many to mention! But in general, we always try to present the benefits of a product or service in a simple way, and we always try to provide the information consumers need to make an informed decision.

OK, what makes Gibson a good ad agency?

Our professional judgment. This comes from reading a lot of advertising theory and learning from real-world experience. David Ogilvy (an advertising legend) said that advertising executives are like doctors: the good ones simply know more than the others. We don’t know everything, but we know quite a bit.

So who IS the best rock band?

That’s easy, it’s Led Zeppelin.

Do you charge a monthly retainer fee?

Not usually, but we will suggest a retainer to clients if conditions warrant it.

How often do you send invoices? When are they due?

We email invoices monthly, usually by the 5th of the next month. They are due within 30 days.

Do you ever do one-offs?

Yes. Sometimes a company needs us to fulfill a specific need with a single project, and we’re happy to do it.

How do you estimate project costs?

We generate an email detailing all charges involved with the project—creative, media, vendor, travel, shipping, other—and email it to the client. Once they email back with their approval, we get started.

Do costs ever exceed your estimate?

Yes, once in a while. If a project is headed for over-budget-land, we try to catch it early and call the client to discuss how to proceed. We do not charge above our original estimate without the client’s approval.

How do you “catch it early”?

We log our hours daily into a database program which shows both estimated hours and actual hours worked. This makes it easy to see when a job is likely to go over budget.

If I’m a client, how can I check the progress of jobs you’re doing for me?

You can call and ask, or you can login to our client area and see a list of all your jobs and the status of each.

What else can I do in the client area?

Along with a current snapshot of your open projects, you can also view a job history (everything Gibson has ever done for you since 2006), check your invoice history including current invoices, and download your company logo.

The client area sounds pretty sweet. Is it pretty sweet?

Yes. It’s pretty sweet.

How do I start a relationship with Gibson?

Call or email us, and we’ll set up a meeting—no cost, no obligation—to see if we’re a good fit for each other. We’d love to hear from you! Call (406) 248-3555 or email us.